How freaking dare you, you don’t even know me

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I spent years and years as one of those people that felt like she was too good for swiping. I’d hear my friends tell me horror stories about online dating. Things that would keep me up at night, horror.

I constantly told myself that meeting a man in person would…

Am I scared? Yup, terrified.

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I talk a lot about sex on this platform and why I love it and crave it. So it may be surprising to know that I have not had it in 12 months. Yes, I’ve been counting.

This last year has been one for the books. Well, I guess it’s…

Is co-living the new “thing”?

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In about a month, I will be venturing out and moving in search of a more stable income and a chance to return to school. I will also be sleeping top bunk to another twenty-something that needs cheap housing.

While I have spent most of my twenties with my own…

Some takeaways from being one of Tesla’s firsts

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I remember my parents coming home from one of the first Tesla Christmas party’s after Elon had transitioned from biggest investor to CEO. They replayed the interaction that had taken place.

As my dad went to introduce himself, but Elon cut him off.

“I know who you are.”

There weren’t…

The dirty pair of panties that would turn me into a whore

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Victoria’s Secret has an underwear sale — you know the one. It used to be 5 for $25; A lovely deal to get the cutest underwear. My best friend decided this would be my birthday gift. At the time, I thought nothing of it besides, how nice!

The only ones…

An honest conversation about the dangers of loving my body at any size

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Growing up, I always felt comfortable in my body. I ate enormous amounts and didn’t “watch” what I ate because I played soccer three times a week. I was muscular and fit. I always went back for seconds when dinner was served. …

This helps me sleep at night

My question is, if you knew you had a specific expiration date, and it couldn’t be changed regardless of your actions, would you eat another piece of cake or try that ridiculously hard thing that terrifies you? …

Let’s not make the illicit drug trade fun, okay?

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I lost my cousin. It was tragic and horrific. I don’t wish this upon anyone, not even my boldest enemy. He was only 25.

This last year has been a catastrophe in the illicit drug market. The increase in opiate deaths has massively increased. The rates of suicides and overdoses…

My horrific entrance into womanhood and how it’s evolved

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I was curled up on the floor, sobbing. But also intermittently running to the bathroom to catch what was coming out of both ends of my teenage body. Crying made me feel better. It probably had something to do with the chemicals that are released during my tortuous moments. …

The black hole that lives in my tummy

The other day, my best friend came over and what I thought would be a casual night frolicking about under the stars — turned into a deep evaluation of us.

Us, and our black holes.

We are both over the age of 25 and feeling a bit lost. I will…


Flowers, coffee, && stories about womanhood.

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